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Radmin 3.5 - Tutorial

In this video, I will show you how to setup Radmin server and connecting to the radmin server with Radmin viewer and Advanced IP scanner.

Download Radmin : http://www.datafilehost.com/d/50df57e0

Subscribe : https://goo.gl/JkEum4

Google+ : https://goo.gl/fzRjS4

How to Install Radmin Server and Viewer and How to Connect 2019 Guide

In this easy video tutorial i will show you how to install radmin
server and viewer and advanced ip scanner and how to connect the computers in your network and how to remote access computers in your network.

This is a great alternative to teamviewer.

How To Use Radmin VPN

Hello, its Imarealperson and this is a video on how to setup Radmin VPN.
As always, not everything is perfect and you may have issues and errors when downloading and setting up. You can check the #guides-and-faq for more information on why Radmin is not working. If your problem isn't there or it does not fix the issue, ask in #help-general.
Good luck.
-Lmarealperson (Yes, it's with an L)

This is a list of all Operation Throwback Radmin-VPN servers and the passwords for each one.

Username: OperationChimera
Password: Throwback

Ember Rise
Username: OperationEmberRise
Password: Throwback

Blood Orchid
Username: OperationBloodOrchid
Password: Throwback

Username: Y1S0_Vanilla
Password: Throwback

Username: YxSx_Other
Password: Throwback

Live Game
Username: MainBuild/TTS
Password: Throwback
Ya Yeet -lmarealperson




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